AG Bob Ferguson’s press release: responses from attorney Richard Sanders & Tim Eyman

AG Bob Ferguson sent out this press release today

(Eyman must pay $278,000 now, $10,000 per month thereafter):[1]

Attorney Richard Sanders responds to AG’s press release:

Once again AG Ferguson has released a vicious press release to smear private citizen and opposition political activist Tim Eyman. I was appointed by the federal court last October to defend Mr. Eyman in the Thurston County Superior Court. I am honored to do so. However, if Mr. Ferguson wants to try this case in the press, I have no choice but to respond.

Mr. Ferguson’s litigation tactics destroyed Mr. Eyman’s marriage and forced him to seek protection by the court.  Ferguson heads the largest law firm in the state of Washington and is quite willing to spend millions of tax dollars to destroy his political opponent. This is a perfect example.

The Court approved the Plan submitted by Mr. Eyman, which calls for structured payments over time, while reserving all of Mr. Eyman’s defenses against the State’s pending disputed lawsuit against him.  The Court made no findings or conclusions as to the merits of the State’s claims, and those will still be resolved in the state courts.

In the State court proceeding in Thurston County, the trial court made no finding on the merits that Mr. Eyman violated any law. Ferguson obtained orders against Mr. Eyman simply for his inability to answer overwhelming and complex discovery requests without the assistance of counsel. Ferguson obstructed Mr. Eyman’s attempts in December 2018 and January 2019 to obtain counsel. Ferguson has taken full advantage of Mr. Eyman’s inability to defend himself without the assistance of counsel by arguing the state court should punish Mr. Eyman for his inability to answer these discovery requests not only by fining him $500 per day but by denying him his legal right to contest Ferguson’s bogus claims on the merits.

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